Friday the 13th, Spooky…

It’s officially summer! I finished and submitted my last paper today, so I’m free from scholarly duties for a while. I also go to Skype with two of my besties today, which was great. I’m now doing two 5k color runs when I get back to the states. =) In the spirit of it being Friday the 13th, they were testing the fire alarms today. They went of approximately 17 times over the course of a few hours. It was about 45 seconds each time, at seemingly random intervals. Sometimes I could hear it coming from across the courtyard, and others it scared the crap out of me. Not really conducive to studying. The first time or two, a few of us went out on the our balconies, as per usual. And Caroline yelled across the courtyard at me, asking if we had to leave, and I said I didn’t think so, that they were just testing. She responded, “Really?! It’s finals and I’m trying to write a freakin’ paper!” Yep, me too… It started to give me PTSD, everything made me jump and every time I was lulled into a false sense of security, they would go off again. At one point the RA started blasting music from his room and a number of guys were chillin’ at the pool. Eventually it subsided and I finished my paper, but still. Aside from that, nothing much else new going on… A little over two weeks before I head back. I have some plans with Steph to do a few more things, and I’m planning to meet up with Sarah once more (Oh! we saw X-Men the other day, super awesome) and the ‘Graphic Girls’ are planning another get together before I head out. I’m contemplating doing a ‘life blog’ when I get back to the states, of just the random thoughts on my mundane life… but well see. Other than all that, not much else. Hope everything is going well with all y’all!


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