Study Adventures!

Steph and I had a fun day. We had both been taking easy since classes ended last week, and we were starting to feel the pressure of finals (or exams as they are called here). So we decided to do something about it (go us)! Steph’s solution was to venture over to the State Library, and it was a great solution. Around 11am we made our way in that direction, making a pit stop at Central to get lunch. I had sushi (only the cooked stuff though). Steph’s getting me hooked on the stuff. Then we eventually made it to the library. We went to the Dome room and found seats. It was great, just on the side of cool without being cold.  There was indistinguishable chatter, it just turned into white noise, and it was really calming actually, but when some one dropped a book on a table, it made this deep echo through the room, it was kinda awesome. I feel like there could be a really nifty a cappella showdown in there. And the greatest thing about it was that Steph and I were actually productive! Slight downside (but worked to our benefit) was that there were so many people on the wifi, it didn’t really work (kept us focused). Then we decided to go get coffee at Gloria Jean’s across the way.  Where we discovered that their was working wifi (and awesome bird watching cause Steph loves birds). We worked there for a little while, and then headed back to the study room at the Village. I hung out there until my computer died. All in all, it was fairly effective. I got a good chunk of my Self & Society essay blocked out and researched. We realized once we got back to our rooms the sudden lack of productivity, so we decided to make plans to go back to the State Library again tomorrow. It’s nerdy, but I was super excited about our study date adventures.

Also, as before, I there are things my notes app I keep forgetting to share. This one is all the way back from Sydney (mainly cause thats where I learned about it). It the Australian Crest, and the meaning behind it (or at least what I remember of it). It’s their coat of arms, and on the left is a kangaroo, and on the right and emu. Now that seems pretty ‘yeah, okay’, however, not only are these animals australian, but they also lack the inability to walk backwards. The theory is that the country would only make progress/take steps forward not back, ect. I found it pretty nifty.



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