Just Another Update

Just a quick update. I’ve been kinda social lately so I figured I should document it. =P

On Sunday, Steph and I went to see the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by the National Theater Live at Cinema Nova. It was fantastic. The set was amazing. And the way it was done was great. For those of you that don’t know, it’s originally a book. They started off by showing us a video with had interviews with the cast and behind the scenes footage, and kind of explained what they were hoping to achieve and their mind set and the research they put into it. I really enjoyed that because it enriched the play itself, which was about a boy that has autism and how he perceives the world and how he deals with a specific incident. It was really neat though because he wasn’t portrayed as ‘less’ or ‘deficient’ or anything, it was that you got to see the world through his eyes and understand his thought process. It was brilliant, in more ways than one. And it inspired some deep discussion between Steph and I afterward when we went to dinner, and I always think that something that inspires some deep thought is successful. All in all, super awesome.

On Monday, Sarah and I had our last photography class, which was kind of what ever, but then we got food after (I had sushi and it was surprisingly delicious – no raw fish though) and then we made plans to hang out and such in my last few weeks here.

Then today (tuesday), I had a tutorial presentation to do, which was quiet successful. That was a nice surprise. And then I got to chat with some friends back home via text and snapchat, which was really, uh, comforting? (I don’t think that’s quite the right word, but it made me smile all day)  Then I went to Graphic Design to take our final test. It was whatever, not too bad, probably could have memorized some more, but I think I bs’d my way out of it. I was done in about half an hour. Then the group of girls that I’ve become friends with (apparently we’re the Graphic Girls…?) invited me out to bevvies and dumplings. So Erin, Caley, Georgia, Bronte, and I sent out to obtain drinks and dumplings. A very popular thing here is BYO (bring your own) drink, be it wine, beer, cider, sometimes goon. So we stopped at the liquor store and bought two bottles of wine, one red and one white. Then we went into china town and had dumplings. I’ve never had dumplings before. We all decided to share, so Erin and Georgia ordered for the whole table. It was really good. We had a wide variety and I liked them all. The ‘thing’ here in Melbourne has been dumplings, I now understand the craze. It was a good time, we drank and ate and chatted for about two and a half hours. It was a great way to celebrate the end of our semester together. (I felt like such and adult =P)

So yeah, I have one more lecture tomorrow, and then I’m done with classes. I just have to write two papers and submit them online in the next two and a half weeks and then I’m done done. So that’s good. I’m starting to look forward to heading back to the States. But I do have a couple more things I want to do here before I leave.

Side note: there was a kid in one of my classes that had the greatest facial expressions to watch, especially when the teacher was being ridiculous, I was trying so hard not to laugh.


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