Update, Update, Read All About It!

I figured I should probably post something so y’all didn’t think I fell off the face of the earth (since we all know the world is flat and I’m living on the edge of it). I’ve been pretty busy with classes and what not as of late. I’m working on my Graphic Design project right now, which is due essentially next week. And then on thursday, a group of us from the Village are going to Alice Springs for 5 days. It should be fun, but people keep warning me about spiders and snakes… so now I’m nervous. I did go to the movies last week to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier with my friend Sarah (we met in my photography class) and it was really good. They assign you seats here when you purchase your movie ticket. Apparently they do that in Europe too (or so Maria tells me). It was actually nice not having to fight for a seat. Maria, Steph, and I are having a girls night out tonight. We’re going to go get dinner at Grill’d (the awesome burger place) and then see Bad Neighbors (with a shirtless Zac Efron, yay). Maria invited Steph over for dinner last night cause Steph as stressing about having so much homework and things to do. We ended up chatting and cooking and what not for about three hours, so I’m sure that helped with ‘the lack of time to get things accomplished’ issue…

Also, I have a note keeping app on my phone where I’ll jot down little things I want to write about, but I usually put them there so I wont forget, and then forget to transfer them from my phone to my blog or wherever else they’re supposed to go… So I guess I’ll do that now. A few weeks ago I saw a munchkin having a temper-tantrum. I don’t remember exactly why, but he was basically just done with the situation and wanted to go home and chill, and I very strongly identified with the poor little guy. I think that might be the point in which I realized I’m an adult, not because I’m above it, but because I realized that I could never get away with that kind of behavior no matter how justified. I think a little piece of me died inside, taking with it the temper-tantrum throwing child. Next topic: they don’t really do lines at things like food courts. It’s just kind of a walk up and order. People are respectful of who got there when, but they don’t queue up for their turns per se… It’s weird. Next: When they do happy birthday, the do ‘3 cheers’. The whole hip hip hooray! type thing, either instead of or after singing happy birthday. Next: I can’t remember if I ranted about this already or not, but here it is anyway. When we were at the Sydney Observatory, we watched a video on some of the rovers that have been sent to different planets. There was one they talked about, I think it was sent to Neptune?, but it took six years to get there. Think about how far a person can travel in a few hours, you can fly around the world essentially in a day, so think of how far that rover got it if was traveling for six years. They were able to communicate with this rover remotely from ‘six years away’. My question to you, is if that is possible, they why can I not be guaranteed adequate (not even great, just adequate) cellphone service cross the globe? Cause in the grand scheme of things, the world is not that big. Just a thought. Next: Last week the fire alarm went off at about 10:30pm. Maria was just about asleep and protested. I went onto the balcony to see what was going on, and a fair amount of people were actually evacuating. Maria asked me if it was smoky, to which I said ‘I can’t tell, it’s cloudy’. So we decided to join the masses and evacuate. Once we all congregated out front, they marched us down about two blocks. We stood there for about half an hour. It was a Saturday, so everyone was either dressed up to go clubbing, or in sweats about to go to sleep. I was in sweats. They eventually let us back in. No one was all that worried so it was either a drill, or someone accidentally set off the alarm. I think that’s all I’ve been forgetting to tell y’all. I have about four weeks of classes left and then I’m done! Then I have two weeks or so before I head back to the states. It might be time for steph and I to have another planning party. =P


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