Wolf Cries

Things were just wonky today. Firstly, even after sleeping in and having a relatively easy day ahead of me, I was super tired and not in the mood to deal with the world. But I did so anyway. Then when I got back from class, my key card to my room (they don’t have actual keys, just the cards like hotel rooms) no longer worked. I was informed by my roommate (who luckily was here to let me in) that for some reason the lock on our door was defective and they had to reset it, so I had to go to the front desk and have them recalibrate my key card. That was fun. Then the real excitement began. Once I had pretty much relaxed the fire alarm went off, but stopped before I could get to the balcony to see what was happening. Then not five minutes later, there was a recording saying that they were testing the emergency system and to disregard any of the alarm systems, and then every single bell, alarm, buzzer, you name it, went off. Then a few hours later, the smoke alarms went off, and then stopped. And about half an hour after that the fire alarm went off, and didn’t stop. The sad part to all of this is that everyone’s reaction was to go to their balcony to see what was going on. And then even when the recording came on saying to get to the nearest exit, only a handful of people did so, the rest staying on their balconies (Maria and I did ‘evacuate’). The firemen showed up, and promptly turned off the alarm… since it was a false alarm… In the event that there is a real fire or emergency, no one is going to heed the alarms because they’ve cried wolf so many times. I should also mention that this ‘testing of the alarm systems’ has been occurring for the past few weeks, just not as frequently. If there ever is an actual fire or need to evacuate, this place is going to be in a world of hurt, because no one will evacuate when they’re supposed to, and when they realize they need to, complete chaos will ensue. And tomorrow they’re shutting off the water to take care of an ‘urgent problem’ (of which they told us about on the weekend…) Ain’t life grand?

I also forgot to mention yesterday that the H&M line put Disneyland lines to shame (I experienced it once again today trying to get dinner).


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