The Joys of Life

Today was one of those days that started off not so awesome, but then ended on a pretty decent note. It wasn’t a bad day, it just had the potential to go that way. Like I left my key in my room (not entirely helpful unless I’m in there with it), but when I got back my roommate was here to let me in. I also had to venture out of my usual room-to-school-and-back routine because my printer was throwing a temper-tantrum, telling me incessantly that it was getting ‘low’ on ink. So I made the trek to Officeworks to assuage the thing. In doing so, I witnessed quite the phenomenon. Recently (like last week) the first H&M in Australia was opened here in Melbourne. They over took the old GPO (General Post Office) that was previously designer and boutique shops (which are being moved across the block) and created a multi-story H&M. The massive size of the store is impressive on it’s own, but the frenzy that has accompanied it is just insane. The first few days the ‘line’ (more like a crowd) was around the entire block (which is more like a few blocks since is a part of the promenade), and a week and a half later, it’s still just as long. They even have constant private security detail. Personally, I don’t really see the appeal since I’m not a big H&M shopper back home (I mean they’re not bad, I just have other places I’d go first), but it’s just insanity here. The line must be hours and hours long just to get in the building. I saw people taking lunch shifts while they waited in line. Crazy. I now fully understand ‘a sea of people’. After that endeavor, I need a nap.

I have successfully made friends in all of my classes (yay!). People here are really friendly. It also helps that the class sizes are infinitely smaller than back home, so it forces you to interact with the same few people. Anyway, today was the start of using Adobe programs in Graphic Design, mainly Illustrator, which I just spent all last quarter learning/using/perfecting. Our teacher (they aren’t called professors here unless they have a PhD) gave us a sheet with a bunch of symbols and such that we had to replicate. I was done in about five minutes, and spend the next hour and a half helping the girls at my table. It was actually kind of awesome, because between that and the logo I presented last class I have some semblance of street cred. And I think it solidified my place in the group. So that was fun, and I love teaching people how do so something and seeing their face light up when they figure it out.

One my way home, I saw the cutest thing (which is probably a weird way to describe it). They have these miniature street sweepers here that are basically sidewalk vacuums, and I got to see one in action. It just went along and sucked up all the leaves and dirt and garbage leaving the sidewalk nice and clean. I think the fact that it was a miniature version of something makes it adorable, but still who doesn’t like a sidewalk vacuum?

I have one more class tomorrow, and then it’s break!!! Woot! But I have more than enough homework to keep me busy. Then Steph and I leave Sunday morning for Sydney!  (I know I said Thursday, but I meant Sunday…. My brain has been a little discombobulated lately) Hopefully we’ll have better internet so I cant keep y’all updated. =)


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