Sydney Part 1, Day 2 & 3 & 3.5…

So I know I’ve been slacking on the posts… My excuse is that the internet in the hotel room was crap. I no longer have that excuse since I’m back in Melbourne, so I guess I’ll get to it.

Friday: I slept in, which was wonderful. Then I met Dad for lunch at work again. After lunch, I went back to the hotel to do some homework, yay! When Dad got off of work, we wandered around the mall for a little while, and then we had dinner at the Sydney Tower Eye. It was so cool. For those of you in the States, it’s akin to the Space Needle in Seattle. We had an awesome table, and an amazing view of the city! The food was delicious and buffet style (even better!). The tricky part was that the outer ring of the restaurant rotated so that the view was constantly changing, but the center part (where the food was) stayed stationary, so every time I got up to get food, I would loose our table. It was quite the challenge. But the view was worth it. I tried emu and crocodile… I can now check it off my list.

Saturday: Dad and I got up nice and early, had breakfast, and then made our way over to Circular Quay in the rain. It wasn’t raining hard, but it fluctuated from misting to raining. We took the ferry from Circular Quay across the bay to the Taronga Zoo. The ferry was cool because we got to see the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House from angles we normally wouldn’t, and it was just really pretty. Once we got to the pier on the other side, we took one of the Sky Cable Cars up to the entrance to the zoo. The zoo is built into the side of a hill/cliff, which was neat, and it made for some really awesome views. We wandered around the zoo for a while, and made sure to see all of the australian animals since Dad had never seen them before. I got to see an active wombat (all the ones I’ve seen have been asleep) and they’re just so stinkin’ cute! The most exciting/terrifying part of the day was when we went into one of the exhibits, and there was an Emu that decided to follow us around. It was one of the exhibits where there is nothing separating you from the animals, and this bird was scary. I tried to keep Dad between the bird and me at all times, but at one point it was right behind me, and it would make these deep, reverberating, guttural noises, and peck at your neck and shoulders. I was pretty sure it wanted to eat me. We kept walking and it kept following, until it got distracted by another patron, at which point we made a break for it. For those that are unaware, Emu’s are ostrich like creatures with beady red eyes that look at you like they’re going to take everything you love from you, or kill you. But we survived, and then I got to go walk around with the lemurs, which were the cutest things I’ve seen, and probably my favorite exotic animal. They have these huge, fluffy, black and white striped tails that they like to wear as scarves, and they have these huge innocent eyes (which I’m sure are just a cover for their schemes). So fun. After we finished the zoo, we took the ferry back and had lunch at Hart’s Pub. It was really tasty, we got chicken strips and fries, and dad had an Australian Craft Beer.

After lunch we decided to got to the Aquarium. Not our brightest idea considering the timing. It wasn’t bad but there were a million munchkins under foot. It was by the same company that does the Melbourne Aquarium, but Sydney pales in comparison, which was a little disappointing. But it was entertaining and passed a few hours. We got pizza from this little italian place for dinner, and it was delicious. Then there were fireworks in the bay right outside our hotel room for some unknown reason, so that was cool.

Sunday: We had breakfast, packed up, and then headed to the airport. Little bit of a rant: Why can’t people on airplanes stay in their assigned seat, why do they have to spill over into my seat? Especially guys: knees apart, elbows out, ridiculous. And just because I move over to avoid your intruding limbs, it’s not an invitation for you to spread out further. Granted I do have a large space bubble, but still, I shouldn’t have to actively try to avoid strangers limbs for the entire flight. Aside from that, the flight was fine, and I made it back in time to update my blog and do homework! I have classes this week, and then it’s break. And a week from Thursday Steph and I head to Sydney for our trip. =)


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