Sydney Part 1 Day 1

My first day in Sydney was awesome! This morning I had brekkie at the hotel. There’s a gorgeous view over the bay, and the food was tasty. Then my dad went off to work, and I had a few hours to kill before I met up with him for lunch. I started by wandering across the Pyrmont bridge and ended walking to the Sydney Opera House. It was quite a sight to see, especially in conjunction with the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It was amusing on my way there to play ‘spot the tourist’ because I was walking down a street that was a business street but also led to the Opera House, so people were either dressed in suits and ties, or fanny packs and tennis shoes… Spot the tourist… After I took copious amounts of pictures of the famous landmarks, I headed back. It was misty all day, and started sprinkling. I met up with my dad at his work for lunch. I got to see his office and meet a few of his co-workers. Then we had lunch which was good. And by the time I left to walk back it was really raining. When I got back to the hotel I was drenched, so I switched into my PJs and got under the covers. I watched TV for all of about 10 minutes and then fell asleep. For dinner we went to the Meat & Wine Co. in Darling Harbor. It was fantastic, totally recommend it. I had Kangaroo which was surprisingly delicious. It came with potatoes, fried onion strings, and we had green beans too. After dinner we got gelato on our way to the theatre.

We went to the Capitol Theatre to see The Lion King. It was amazing. The theatre itself was beautiful and decorated to fit the feel of the play. We had pretty decent seats considering it was a fairly last minute idea. The sets and costumes were astounding. The integration of the puppets and the actors was brilliant. The set was ingenious, with moving parts that came in and out of sight, and a floor that moved and had various features built in. I love all of that stuff, thinking about how it would have to work behind the scenes in order for the show to come together. It would be so cool to work in set design. The music was great, and so were the singers. I liked the original songs they created for the musical as well. And the actors were all great. I had a wonderful time. It was a great introduction to Sydney


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