The Umbilical Brothers and Company

This week wasn’t all that exciting. I had a few big assignments due and a few more this week so I was pretty busy with that. I did a few errands and on Friday I made Steph model for me for my photography class. Saturday I captured a few more victims for my photography class, and once again did homework.

Today: So a while back (shortly after I got here) Steph introduced me to The Upside Down Show, which is an australian kids show that Steph is in love with. She got into it because back home it would come on after a scary tv show that she would watch and it would clam her down. So last week, when Steph and I were walking back we saw a poster for The Umbilical Brothers, which are the same guys that do the show, and they were going to be doing a kids show (not suitable for children) here in Melbourne! Of course we had to go. And we managed to get front row seats. Tonight was the night. We got dinner at a laneway place called Burgers (which was tasty) and then made our way down to the Melbourne Arts Centre. When I say that we had front row seats, I mean that we were practically on stage with these guys. It was crazy. Their gig was that they were basically doing an episode of their kids show, but it wasn’t suitable for kids. It was hilarious. And at one point, Shane (one of the duo) got off the stage and hugged Steph! She was a part of the show for a moment, as Shane’s Special Friend. I think she just about died. After the show, there was a meet and greet. So of course we went. Steph bought the DVD of their other shows (apparently The Upside Down Show is the gateway drug, according to Shane). They were so sweet and funny, and they signed Steph’s DVD and my ticket. Then we got to take a picture with them, and they were not afraid to be silly. Dave (the other of the duo) stuck his face in my hair, and then told me my hair smelled wonderful. It was great. And Steph was over the moon. It was a great way to end the weekend.

Tomorrow I have Photography (in which I have to present the portraits of my victims) and then I’m volunteering at my school’s International Exchange Student Fair (I get a shirt out of it). After that I have to finish up a paper or two and start packing for Sydney! On Wednesday I leave to meet up with my dad for the weekend. So excited!


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