Weekend Update

I spent the weekend doing homework, as promised. I also got invited to join a group trip to Alice Springs, which is in the Outback, and it’s supposed to be gorgeous. We go on a three day camp to different landmarks, including Uluru (a large rock formation), and we get to sleep under the stars and watch the sunrise. It’s one of the few places in the world where there’s absolutely no light pollution, so you can see practically every star in the sky. I decided on going, so that will happen in May.

This morning I went out to do my photography project in the city, and the Viva Victoria: Multicultural Festival was going on in Fed Square. That was a cool happenstance. On my way into the city, there was an entire squad of tram police checking that people swipe their tram cards. They were serious too, they checked with some device to see if you’d swiped your card, and they gave out tickets to people who hadn’t. It was crazy. As per usual of the festivals, they had a ton of food vendors. I opted for a crepe with chicken, avocado, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. It was the best crepe I’ve had, so good. I found a bench and sat along the river, eating my crepe. The weather today was great too, overcast, just barely cold enough to wear a long sleeve shirt. After lunch I finished up my pictures and headed back home to finish up the rest of my homework.

All in all, it was a nice weekend. On the agenda for this week are classes and on Friday Steph and I have another day tour planned. This time were going to the Yarra Valley, Puffing Billy (which is “Australia’s Favorite Steam Train”), and to Healesville Sanctuary that has a lot of Australian animals.


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