Classes and Food

Monday: Not all that exciting. I had my second photography class of the semester, and we got our first assignment (the Gestalt Principles). I took some pictures on my way back and then did homework the rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday: I had Self and Society. Then I went grocery shopping on the way home. Took a nap and then had my Graphic Design class. I really like the lecture portion of that class, it’s really interesting. I’m not too fond of the creative production portion of that class, I’m feeling a little like I’ve hit a wall design wise.

Wednesday: I had Australian Society in the afternoon. Then seeing as it was wednesday, I went to the night markets. This week I decided to do dessert for dinner since next week is the last week of the night markets. I had a cronut (which is a donut crossed with a croissant), it was filled with vanilla custard and a strawberry on top. It was my first cronut, and it was delicious. Then I wandered around the market and picked up a few souvenirs for friends. Then I got some cookies ‘n’ cream gelato in a waffle cone for the walk back. It was all so good.

Thursday (Today): I planned my second trip to Sydney (although I’m going earlier than the trip I already have planned). I’m going two weeks before I go with Steph to meet up with my dad while he’s on a business trip. We’re going to see the Lion King at the Capitol Theater, have dinner at the Sydney Tower (which looks amazing), and I’m sure I’ll spend a fair amount of time at the Google office while dad works. After that, it was another beautiful day so I decided to go check out the Queen Victoria Market during the day. They have a lot more vendors there, it’s about three times as big as the night markets. I found a few cool things, like a hand painted wine holder (one of those that counter balance with the wine bottle) for my parents. I got a hamburger at one of the vendors, it was a patty with bacon, lettuce, and an egg. The egg was surprisingly good, and it’s  a very popular thing here. They put eggs on most everything: burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza. During the day, they have a huge part of the market that is dedicated to fish and meat (like PikePlace Market in Seattle). I got a kilo (they don’t do pounds, which takes a little getting used to) of handmade sausage. The label said garlic and herbs, but didn’t specify the type of meat, the guy behind the counter said beef, but when I cooked some for dinner, it smelled and tasted more like lamb (which he did have). I’m not complaining, it was delicious, just not what I expected. And I got a pretty good amount for a very reasonable price. I came back with my score and did some homework. Then made dinner and watched some TV.

Not much planned for the weekend, just homework. I have a few assignments I should start on, and a lot of reading!


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