Peace vs Alarm

It was a beautiful day today, and thus I just couldn’t stay in my room all day. So I decided to go check out the Sunday Market at the Art Center. It was really cool, lots of photography and arts-y things. There’s definitely a shopping limitation knowing that I’m only here for a few months and that I’ll have to somehow get back everything I’ve accumulated here. I suppose by serendipity, the Tai Culture and Food Festival was occurring across the way at Fed Square, so I went and checked that out. I got Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken for lunch that was delicious. And for dessert I got gelato, one scoop passion fruit, one scoop coconut, in a coconut shell complete with raw coconut (I wasn’t really a fan of the raw coconut, but the rest was to die for). I sat along the Yarra River and ate my gelato, it was so peaceful and relaxing. Just as I finished my gelato it began sprinkling, at which point I thought it would be a good idea to head back.

I met up with Steph and we finished planning for Sydney! On our list is a night tour of the Sydney Observatory, a tour and performance at the Sydney Opera House, Steph is doing the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb (I’m opting for the less terrifying Pylon Lookout), a few of the museums, a day tour to the Jenolan Caves (which look so cool!) and the Blue Mountains, and then we’ve left some time open to wander around the city and to do things like the zoo and aquarium. We’re really excited about the whole thing. And I found out that my dad is planning a business trip to Sydney, so I’m going to try and go up there for a long weekend to hang out with him. Now I get two trips to Sydney!

After our planning party I had a massive headache, so I dutifully took a nap. I woke up in time for dinner and to watch The Block (it’s an australian home improvement competition show that I’ve become obsessed with).

Then around 9:30pm the fire alarm went off. Of course everyone’s first reaction was to rush out to their balconies. Although in our defense, it went off a few weeks ago for about a minute then then turned itself off. This time however, it continued very shrilly. And then a voice came over the loud speaker telling us to proceed to the nearest exit as quickly as possible. So Maria and I grabbed our laptops and headed out with the masses. There were two fire trucks with their sires going out front, and after about fifteen minutes, they gave us the all clear. I don’t think that it was a false alarm, but I think it was more along the lines of someone burnt their dinner. There was one guy in a towel, so I gather he was in the midst of showering, and there was another who had an entire pot of pasta, so I imagine he was in the midst of making himself dinner. Between the roof caving in and the fire alarm, I’m starting to get a little nervous. Hopefully nothing else exciting occurs too soon.

My assignment for Photography was to look at various reviews of different cameras, and to choose a camera  to buy with no monetary limits. In hindsight, this was a very cruel assignment because now I want cameras way out of my price range. I do however understand the point in making us figure out the different capabilities of various cameras, but still.

Tomorrow is class and possibly a gander through the Queen Victoria Market.


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