Rainy Day

Sunday: For me consisted of home work, but for the masses there was Future Music Festival. Future began at noon, which meant that the pre-gaming (drinking) started around 10am, complete with blasting party music to set the mood.

Monday: Was a holiday, Labour Day, to commemorate the unions getting their 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest, and 8 hours of recreation.  There was the Moomba Parade on TV, which weirdly enough was happening a few blocks away in the city (I didn’t know about it until I turned on the tv and by then it was too late to go see it in person). I also did laundry, yay. Clean clothes are a wonderful thing, it’s too bad it costs an arm and a leg to wash them, fairly soon I won’t have any limbs left to clothe.

Tuesday (today): I had Self and Society this morning (in which we discussed Freud and his many slips, highly entertaining). Then I had my Graphic Design class, which was fun (and on the way I ran into a couple of people I met during O-Week, which was nice). My walk home from class was great. I get out at 8:30pm, and tonight when I got out, it had just finished raining. It was still quite warm, but not uncomfortably so as it has been the past few days. The city was beautiful. I don’t normally get a chance to gaze at the city in the dark (I do my best to not wander alone in the dark), and when I am out at night, it’s usually with a purpose. So tonight was nice because I could meander back to my apartment and take in the city. In addition, since it had just rained it was so clear and everything was wet and sparkly. It made me wish I had all of my art supplies here. Light is the bane of my existence when it comes to art. Throw in some reflections off the water, kill me know. But the combination of night and light and water reflections tonight was inspiring. I’ve always loved art that depicts rainy cities, especially photography. I did try some pictures with my cell phone, but its not the same. And there were some great opportunities for painting and drawing. I love the city at night, it takes on a whole different personality. Interior lights reveal unseen interiors, a glimpse into the hidden treasures, the darkness cloaking the cities imperfections, while the street lighting and signage illuminates various unique features. It’s almost as if the city got all dressed up for a date, and maybe had a drink or two before hand, and was ready to spill a few secrets. It was magical too, all of the colorful lights of the city reflecting off the wet pavement, it reminded me of Christmas when everything is covered in colorful lights for a short period of time, of which are only visible in their full glory at night. Needless to say, it was a wonderful walk home (plus Pandora was spot on with the music selection), it was rejuvenating, invigorating even.


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