Rooftop Cinema and Friends

Thursday: Steph and I got dinner and finally had our planning party, woot! We planned some things for Melbourne that we still have to check off our list (but it’s getting smaller!) and we planned a few more things for Sydney like a night tour of the observatory and a tour of the Sydney Opera House.

Friday: I went out and picked up the rest of my textbooks and found an amazing art supply store… It’s a shame that is here and not at home. I also had a Pesto Chicken Avocado Salad for lunch, delish.

Saturday (today): Steph and I went to see Donnie Darko at Rooftop Cinema. It was fantastic. The whole evening was perfect, the weather was wonderful. As you would probably expect, it was on top of a very tall building. We walked up an insane amount of stairs, because of course the elevator was broken. But it was well worth it. The rooftop was complete with astroturf, outdoor twinkle lights, and slingback lawn chairs. There was a tiny little stand upfront that sold burgers and fries. The fries were fabulous. Right before the movie began, fireworks went off for the Moomba Festival (for Labour Day), of which we had a great view. So cool. I had never seen Donnie Darko before, but everyone I had talked to that had seen it loved it. And I was not let down, it was fantastic. Totally a sci-fi cult movie, but I mean who doesn’t love a young Jake Gyllenhaal along with numerous celebrities before their break out roles? By the time the whole endeavor was over Steph and I felt as if we had been spit out of some sort of time vortex. We had a great night. We’re hoping to do it one last time before they close down for the season. The only draw back to the evening was that I had to kill a cockroach in our bathroom when I got back, eww, so gross!

The rest of the weekend will be dedicated to homework, sigh. And then I only have class on Tuesday this week…. If I come up with some exciting ways to occupy my time (aside from homework) I’ll let y’all know.

Vocabulary: Ketchup=Tomato Sauce, Steak Fries=Chips//French Fries=Fries//Chips=Crisps, As a response to ‘Thank You’ they tend to say ‘It’s alright’ or ‘Okay’ or pretty much anything other than ‘You’re Welcome’.


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