Australian Society and Night Markets

I had Australian Society in a Global Context today. It was in building 80 which is the tech-y, funky building with all the large lectures halls. I really enjoyed the lecture. It was interesting to hear about time periods and such that I’m familiar with from a different point of view, especially when they mentioned America. Matt from Boston is in my class. It’s nice to know a familiar face.

The Night Markets were tonight (they happen every wednesday over the summer season), so I went to check them out. There’s a lot of good food. Unfortunately I had already eaten, but I found room for a snack. I had a twist potato, which is a potato that has been spiral cut, skewered, and then deep fried. It was delicious (I posted pictures). And I had a strawberry lemonade to accompany it. I then walked around the booths that were set up. Once again, I wanted to throw all of my money at them. They had a booth that had kangaroo, crocodile, camel and a number of other exotic animal meats. I’m thinking of going back next week and trying a kangaroo burger…

I’m having serious cooking with drawls. I’ve been afraid to cook because there is a serious fine if you set of the smoke detector/fire alarm, but my roommate has been cooking and not causing any major problems, so I’m tempted to try. The PB&J is beginning to get kind of old, and it’s way to expensive to go out all the time. (Although Little Richie’s has started doing $5 pizzas after 5pm for students in the village…) And lately I’ve been craving eggs and ketchup, weird I know.

I’m done with classes until Tuesday since Monday is a public holiday. I have plenty of homework to keep me busy, and I think Steph and I are going plan some more things to do.


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