Classes Have Begun

I know I’ve been slacking on the updates… I have a feeling now that classes have started that I won’t be posting as frequently. I had my photography class yesterday morning. It was good, our teacher was out sick so we had a sub and we don’t have class next Monday due to a public holiday. (They don’t call teachers professors here unless they have a specific degree, they’re all teachers.) I had my Self and Society class this morning, it was also good. I think it’ll be really interesting and thought provoking. We started the nature vs. nurture discussion today. We basically concluded that it’s both. I got tortellini for lunch, then came back at took a nap before my graphic design class. I’m not sure how I feel about the timing of this class (5.30-8.3o) since it’s during dinner. But aside from that, I’m excited for this class. Tomorrow I have Australian Society in a Global Context. And then Steph and I have another planning party. Their grading scale is weird here. They don’t do the traditional breakdowns, and they don’t have the traditional letter grades.

HD    High Distinction    80-100%
D        Distinction               70-79%
C        Credit                        60-69%
PA     Pass                            50-59%
NN    Fail                             0-49%

Aside from that, not much all that exciting has occurred.


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