To Die or Not to Die?

And the party never stops! Which is totally untrue, but I haven’t slept so it feels that way. Last night I went to bed at 3am, to be woken up at 4am by Maria crying and Skype-ing with her parents. She’s been sick the past two weeks, and it has gotten worse the last week or so. She woke up last night with a sharp pain in her left ear. I was pretty sure that it was an inner ear infection, but that can be startling to those who’ve never had one before. So we hiked across the street to the ER to get it checked out. We arrived at 4:30, and about 5:15 ish they gave her some pain meds. Then we proceeded to sit there for a number of hours. Around 8:40 they finally called her in to tell her that she had an inner ear infection and that they would write her a prescription for antibiotics. We made it back to the apartment around 9 (after a stop at the 7-11 so I could get coffee). At that point I decided that if I went to sleep I wasn’t going to wake up in time for Shakespeare, so I showered and watched some TV till noon.

Steph and I headed over to Lygon St. to Cinema Nova. It was a very nice theater. We split a popcorn drink combo and settled into our awesome seats. I wasn’t so sure how I was going to feel about a ‘live stream’ of a production, but it was awesome! We had a perfect view of each scene, and there were some bonus background info/cast interview features that were so cool to see and really added to the performance. It was a modern take on the play Coriolanus. The theater stage was in a warehouse, all exposed, and there was a lot of technology involved in the set in the ways of lighting and such. And they had a cast of about 16 for the entire production, and most of the time there were 6 or more actors on the stage, but only a few in each scene. It was really well done, and the costumes were modern yet in keeping with the setting of the play (roman era), almost steampunk. And the acting was phenomenal. Especially Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss. They were both amazing. It was so much fun and I felt so cultured, especially when I got the jokes in Shakespearian. And it was cool because everyone there wanted to see it so the audience was perfect and kind of in-sync with each other. It was such a neat experience, Steph and I are going to see if we can do something similar again soon.

After the show, we went to dinner at Cafe Notturno, a little Italian restaurant. Steph and I both got pasta and it was delicious. And of course we had room for dessert, so we got gelato on the way back, which hit the spot.

A note on the fashion here, it’s totally normal and not weird for guys to wear shorts above the knee, and even short shorts out and about. I’m getting more and more used to it, but it’s still catches me off guard sometimes. Also, Imogen is a popular girls name, and there are more and more Maddies popping up.

I’m going to finish up this post and hopefully get some pictures up and then I’m going to knock out until tomorrow.


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