O-Week Day 5

It’s been such a long day. A good one, but a long one. I got up this morning around 10, about 11 Steph asked me to accompany her to UniMelb for their club rush. We wander over there and walked around, and the campus is really nice, it reminds me of the east coast schools back home. Once she got all of her club stuff sorted, we got sandwiches on campus. We both got chicken avocado, which were delicious, and I love that they put them in convenient eat on the go packages, that’s a pretty big/common thing here. Then we went back to the apartments. It was beach day today, and they told us that starting from 12-4 there would be buses running on the half hour. Well the bus came and went at noon… and then the same bus came back about 1, and that was the last bus until pick up at four. Luckily we made it on the second bus, which was packed as it was a party bus without stripper poles, so there were lots of people sitting in the aisle and standing, it was insane (I have pictures). We then figured out why it took so long to get there and back: it was a 40 minute drive. But we eventually made it. And it was pretty. Everyone laid out their towels, and the RAs brought a portable stereo system so there was good music. And was lovely weather, not to hot, not to cold, nice and breezy. I’m actually getting tan! I can’t believe it, for the first time in my life I’m not ghostly. Anyway, we hung out for a while and it was quite relaxing. Then about 3:40 everyone picked up and headed for the first bus. We decided to wait for the next one so we would have a real seat and not have to stand. And then with about 35 of us left, we weren’t sure if the bus was coming back…. After some phone tag we figured out it would after it dropped everyone off and came back, in about an hour. So we just hung out on the boardwalk. By the time we got back it was about 5:30. This was the same bus company that screwed us over on club night as well, needless to say they wont be using them again.

The courtyard party was supposed to start at 7, but pizza arrived early and the DJ was late. So everyone, ran down a little before 7 and grabbed pizza, then retreated back to their rooms. Then no one came down till almost 9, even though the DJ was set up by 7:45. They had to go knock on doors and force people down (people were having their own balcony parties and getting drunk and what not). The theme was ‘Mathletes and Athletes’ so people either dressed as nerds or jocks.  All I had were workout clothes, so I was an ‘athlete’. Once everyone came down and had some alcohol in their system, the party got going. There were laser lights and such. It was pretty cool. I floated around with different groups, mostly Steph, but I ran into the germans again and danced with them for a while. And saw Celina (not Cecil as I was previously mistaken). Eventually I found myself in a group with these two girls I met early on at the Meet and Greet BBQ along with Liam (who I met at gender bender speed dating), his roommate Dustin, and another guy Brandon. It was Dustin’s 18th birthday at midnight so at the end of the party everyone sang happy birthday to him. Then Liam, Dustin, Brandon, and the two girls Ashleigh and Allira (all of which are from Australia), all decided that they wanted to go to Mackers (pronounced Mackas, which is what they call McDonalds). So after a little coaxing, I decided to join them. It was really fun. I talked with Brandon for a little bit and learned that he speaks Indonesian, and studied in Indonesia for a while, which is supper cool. He’s also going to school for Building Design at RMIT.  After we had our midnight meal, we went back to the glass house (where the pool tables are in our apartments) and played cards for a while.

Kind of a grody side note, last night people were getting stupid and drunk, and a number of people threw up in the building on the carpets, including our hallway. Maria came in and said, “Someone threw up a few doors down, I think they had noodles for dinner.” Wonderful. And because it was in the carpet and no good way to clean it up, our hall smells like vomit. But a number of people have complained (including me) so hopefully they’ll clean it properly soon. And that wasn’t even the worst that happened, but I won’t share because it’s really not worth the words, nor remembering.

As much as I hate large groups and socializing with strangers and all of that, I have to admit, O-Week has been beneficial. I’ve met so many interesting people and made friends with them. And it’s nice to recognize faces, even if I don’t know them directly. I’ve seen them around and then when I see them in the city or at school, I know that I’ll have something to talk to them about. I still don’t like socializing, but I do see the benefits….

Tomorrow is the pool party/ice cream party, but Steph and I are missing out because we are going to see a live streamed production of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus featuring Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss at Cinema Nova. Originally Shakespeare was at 1 and the party was at 4, but then the party was changed to noon, so maybe it’ll still be going when we get back. Although we’re thinking of getting dinner on Lygon St. since were their and they’re known for their restaurants… We’ll see.


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