O-Week Day 4

After staying up till 2am last night, I slept in till almost 11 (which is really late for me). I got up, got ready, and headed out to stand in line for brekkie, which was supposed to start at noon. I think the RAs had a late night as well because they didn’t even think about setting up until noon. I stood there for half and hour and decided that it wasn’t worth it and I had other things to do. So instead I set off in search of the campus book store, which wasn’t actually all that far or hard to find. After standing around looking like a lost puppy, one of the staff members came over and was super nice in helping me. Once I had all my books, I walked over to Central and got take-away Chinese food later. Then it was time for balcony bingo! It lasted all of about half an hour, but it was fun in a cheese-y way. I didn’t win, but I got close a few times. There wasn’t anything else planned so I just took it easy and watched TV. At one point later in the evening I looked out my window and there were about 10 people in their underwear in the room across the courtyard. I suspect there was some sort of strip game occurring, but I didn’t want to wait and see how far it went.

Tomorrow is the beach day at St Kilda. It supposed to be a bunch of beach challenges in our teams… And then there’s the “famous courtyard party” in the evening.

Vocabulary: swimsuit/bathing suit=togs (up north)/bathers, flip-flops=thongs, jacket/sweatshirt=jumper, job interview=job trial.


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