O-Week Day 3

My plan this morning was to get up early, and go buy my books for school. But when my alarm went off, I decided to ignore it. When I did eventually decide to wake up, it was to an email saying that once again my classes had been cancelled and shuffled. Oh joy. So I spent some time figuring that out. I’m now back to three days a week (Mon/Tues/Wed) with the four classes that I wanted: Photography, Graphic Design, Self and Society, and Australian Society in a Global Context. I suppose all’s well that end’s well… After all of that hoopla, there wasn’t enough time before the Amazing Race to get my books (plus I didn’t really want to deal with them at that point), so I cleaned. I wiped down all the surfaces, organized my stuff, and then went to the front desk and borrowed a vacuum. Yay productivity. Then lunch and off to the Amazing Race.

It wasn’t all that Amazing. It was supposed to begin at 1:30, but I guess to a bunch of college kids that means 2. We had previously been broken up into teams by the various code of arms on our door decks (mainly by floor), thus we were instructed to assemble into our teams once people arrived. Apparently most people were still recovering from the night before, because not all that many showed up. There was two teams of about 35, one team of 16 and one team of 10 (which combined is a small percentage of the people participating ing O-Week). I was on one of the teams of 35. They gave us a list of tasks, a time limit of two hours and said “go!”. Everyone set off in different directions to complete their tasks. Our group was so big though that it mainly consisted of a few people doing things and the rest aimlessly following. In the beginning there were some group picture challenges, like spell out RMITV with people, and do a group yoga pose, ect. By the end it was try not to get lost in the city and follow the people with the bright blue wrist bands (they make us put on those hospital bands that you can’t take off the whole week as our tickets). The team I was on came in third. Woo.

We all went back to our rooms for a while. Maria (my roommate) and I got pizza next door around 4:30. Then at 7 there was free pizza in the courtyard before club night, go figure. It was funny though because it was a traffic light party and 99.9% of people were dressed in red or green and the courtyard looked like a really bad christmas party. We were told that the buses were leaving promptly at 8. So at 7:55 the whole herd of us walked around the corner and waited for half an hour. Apparently the buses had broken down and none of them were answering their phones, and we weren’t getting a clear answer as to when they were supposed to arrive. People had already been drinking and were staring to get upset that their buzz was wearing off. A bunch of us decided that it was close and we could just take a tram (which was the back up plan any way). So about half of the 350 of us stormed the trams. I feel bad for the innocent bystanders that had to deal with us, red and green and drunk all over. Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at our destination: Club Eden. They were hardcore checking IDs, they had a machine they put them into that scanned them and checked your birthday and if you had any criminal convictions. Once we were inside it was pretty cool, it was kind of small, but nice. There was a bar along the back and then it was pretty much just a huge dance floor, and there was also a nice balcony. This was my first experience at a club. All in all it wasn’t all that bad. It was funny because it was almost cliche. There were people there totally drunk and a fair number of them hooking up, and not even in some dark corner, a few were having some fun on the dance floor. There were the crazy lights and the fog machines and loud ear-drum busting music. But I was with Steph, and the canadians, Maria, and Cecil (who Steph and I hang out with at all the courtyard events) and Veronica (who I met at orientation), and they were a good group, they weren’t too drunk or crazy. And it was interesting with the traffic light thing because the guys that were single weren’t hitting on the girls that were taken (which I thought they might) and a) I was not head to toe in green because I don’t own green things, and b) danced with people who were wearing red, so I didn’t get any creeper guys coming around which was nice. Some of the girls there weren’t so lucky. It was nice just to dance with friends. Then a little after 11 Maria wasn’t feeling so good (she’s been sick), and I was getting tired, we decided to head back (end it on a high note and what not). Which I think was a good call because on our way out people were looking pretty drunk and it seemed like it was passing from the good fun zone into the not so fun zone. I have to say it’s quite interesting to watch people you know be drunk. I felt like Daisy from Gatsby (since I was probably the only sober one there). I’m interested to see if and what people remember tomorrow.

Once we got back, I took a shower. Then I was still kind of keyed up and decided it was a good idea to do laundry at midnight. So I’m waiting for my clothes to dry as we speak (or I guess as I type…). Once they’re done I’m going to pass out.

Tomorrow is Recovery Brekkie part 2 (at noon), and then balcony bingo at 3, but I might skip the bingo so I can go get my textbooks.


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