Orientation Day 2

Nothing all that exciting occurred today. It was a lot of informational presentations on the school and programs and such. I did meet a fair amount of people at school who are also living in the village which is cool. I met this girl named Lydia who is from England, and is living in the village, she seems like someone I could get along with quite well.

The weird thing that did happen was that it was completely sunny and warm this morning and then around 3:30, the sky opened up and it began raining and there was thunder and lightening. It’s actually not all that weird, I’ve been told its a fairly common occurrence in Melbourne. I love the rain, but its totally weird that with in a matter of five minutes the weather can change so completely. Back home, if there was forecasted rain, but there are blue skies, then it’s not going to rain at all. Where as here, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like before hand, or after for that matter, the weather just does what it wants.

Anyway, tomorrow is the RMIT Welcome party, so that should be fun.


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