Orientation Day 1

Today was the first day of orientation. Pretty much the same as all the other orientations I’ve done. There was registration and a lecture about various things in Melbourne, then lunch and then class info. Kevin and I met a guy named Josh who was pretty cool. He’s from ASU (Arizona) and is a business major. The tree of us went to lunch at Melbourne Central. We tried a place called Mad Mex (I think), which was their equivalent of Chipotle. I liked it better than Chipotle. I also met a girl, Florence, who is originally from France but she’s getting her degree in New York and now is studying abroad in Australia. Other than that, it wasn’t terribly exciting, pretty much the usual.

Since more and more people are showing up for school, most every night everyone hangs out in the lounge or the courtyard. It was nice to hang out with everyone tonight since I hadn’t seen most of them in a week or so (everyone is back from all their traveling).

Day two of orientation commences tomorrow. Once again, more of the same.

Vocabulary: Screen door=fly wire, cool=keen (I’m cool with that/I’m down=I’m keen), Vegetables=Veg, Enroll=Enrol, Expiration=Expiry. We also discovered that a fair amount of things are pronounced differently ‘tomato-tomahto’ kind of thing. And apparently my accent is thicker than Steph’s.


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