Melbourne Zoo

We finally went to the Melbourne Zoo! It was an interesting experience. It began bright and early this morning (9 o’clock). Kevin, Steph and I rode the tram, which true to the website, dropped us off right in front of the Zoo. Awesome, right? So we bought our tickets (I had a two-for-one for Kevin and I since we didn’t have our student IDs, score!) and headed into the Zoo. We walked around a few exhibits, which were either empty or being renovated… We were starting to worry that this Zoo wasn’t going to be worth our money, but we shortly figured out that the tram conveniently dropped us off at the back of the Zoo, which is where we bought our tickets and entered. Once we figured this out, we made our way to the front of the Zoo, which was much more promising. They either have huge semi-interactive exhibits, or small ones where you can get really close. Either way, we were able to get really close to almost all of the animals (touching distance but we weren’t allowed to touch). The first one we went into was the Lemur exhibit, which was awesome. We got to walk through their enclosure and see them. They were just chilling and looking at us adorably. We wandered through a few other exhibits, one of which was the butterfly exhibit. It was a large greenhouse that housed zillions of butterflies fluttering around. It’s like the bird ones that you can walk through and they land on you and such. It was very cool. We got to see elephants (there was a baby that was adorable), giraffes, zebras, gorillas, lions, the usual zoo variety animals. For these animals they had viewing huts strategically placed that gave us a very good view. Then we went through the Australian animal section. They had a number of Koalas (we decided that they must have supercharged eucalyptus because they were much more active the ones we saw in the wild, one even jumped from branch to branch). They also had a who thing of Kangaroos and Emus that we could walk through. We can finally check seeing a living Kangaroo off our list. They were very cute, and the Emu’s looked like they were going to come after us if we so much as looked at them the wrong way… Then there was the monkey exhibit, which was neat. It was a whole series of mini tree-houses that we walked through, and each one was a different monkey or tree climbing animal. There were spider monkeys, tree kangaroos (which are different from normal kangaroos), coatis, tamarins, and such. They were all so cute and furry (most anything small and furry is cute). They also had some seals and penguins. The penguins they had here were much more tropical, small and blue than the ones we saw at the aquarium. We also got to see the Meerkats running around and being feed crickets (eww), again cute and furry. All in all, it was worth the money. I very much enjoyed it.

This afternoon consisted of nap time, PB&J, and catching up with friends back home. This whole experience has caused me to have a few ‘revelations’ I suppose. One is that it makes me appreciate the small things at home, for instance peanut butter, or root beer (it doesn’t exist here). Or not worrying about the time difference. Little things that you wouldn’t necessarily think would be a thing.  This is not to say that I didn’t appreciate them before, but I appreciate them so much more now. Another ‘revelation’ that I’ve had is that people are people. Which is kind of like well yeah, but when you go somewhere completely different, you tend to think that the people and everything involving them are going to be completely different as well. And yes there are some things that are different (how could there not be?), but at the end of the day, the basic needs and wants and desires and all of that are pretty much the same. At a basic level we all function in pretty much the same way. It’s not really a big thing, it’s one of those things where both sides of the coin make sense and its different that you thought it would be, but you don’t really know why you thought it would be different in the first place. My point is that I would recommend everyone get out and travel, even if its only for a short while, or to a neighboring place. Something different than what you’re used to because it opens up your mind and allows you to think. It tends to put things in perspective (or at least it has for me).

Tomorrow is orientation. I’m excited and nervous at the same time (I’ve probably said that before). We get to sign up for classes and such tomorrow. I hope I get my first choice classes and at decent times, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Vocabulary: Z (the letter)=zed, Line=Queue (line up=queue up)

Also I know I’ve been slacking on the pictures, but I put a bunch up!


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