Progress in Planning

I spent this morning getting myself prepared for orientation on Tuesday. Then around 2 Steph and I went out to do a few errands. Then we walked through Queen Victoria Market, which was very cool, I’ll have to go back there. Then we went to Melbourne Central for lunch/dinner. Steph got fried rice with some kind of tofu dish (it tasted better than it looked), and I got honey chicken and sweet ‘n’ sour pork, which hit the spot. Afterward we went back to the study room and planned out our last couple free days before classes start. Tomorrow we’re going to the Melbourne Zoo (we’ll finally get to see a living kangaroo!) and then next saturday we’re doing the Penguin Parade. Also, we planned a trip to Sydney over the break, complete with seeing the Australian Ballet at the Sydney Opera House! And the best part is that we scored awesome seats at the student price, we already feel more cultured. Steph and I are very excited and have a very long list of things we want to do. Steph wants to do a bridge climb on the Sydney Harbor Bridge which gives me a heart attack just thinking about it, but when in Rome… right? Anyway, there’s lot’s of planning in our future.

Side note: The weather today was wonderful, it rained this morning and then cleared up to a nice sunny cool day, I actually needed a sweater at one point, which is a first. Hopefully it stays this way.

Vocabulary: call=ring “I’ll give you a ring”, cellphone=mobile and thus cell number=mobile number, Cheers is a common phrase for a number of things ranging from Thanks to Bye to Have a nice day, it’s an all encompassing phrase.


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