I’ve Temporarily Given Up On Titles

My day was not all that exciting. I did some shopping, got some lunch (at Subway since I was feeling a little homesick), and arrived back at my room just before the torrential downpour. The rain was lovely even if it only lasted a short while. After dinner (the second half of my Subway sandwich) Steph came over and we chatted. She had a wonderful time in Perth. 17 Again (with the very attractive Zac Efron) was on so we watched that, then we watched some Sherlock and YouTube videos. I think that were going to try to go to the Zoo on Monday.

Vocabulary: Mandatory=Compulsory. I’ve noticed that when you’re having a conversation with someone that ‘yes’ or ‘yep’ is a common form of acknowledgement in the sense of that they’re listening. It’s a little off putting at first since it’s usually when I’m telling a story or something and I tend to think, “Umm…. I didn’t ask you a question…”, but nonetheless, it’s a thing.

Another tid-bit I learned was that my apartment complex used to be a hotel, and not just any hotel but the hotel in its day. Supposedly the Beatles stayed here a one point, and it was a very hip and happenin’ place. Now it’s been down graded to a bunch of drunken college kids.

Orientation countdown: 2 days


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