I have a roommate! She arrived today. Her name is Maria and she’s from Copenhagen, Denmark. She’s going to UniMelb (University of Melbourne). She got here bright and early (not to worry, I had a feeling she might so I made sure I was up and dressed). Once she showered after her 30-ish hours of traveling, we walked over to QV to do some grocery shopping and such. We got back, had lunch and then took naps. Shortly after I woke up Jack, Kevin and I played a game of pool down stairs (I sucked and Kevin’s a pool shark). Then it was the ‘Valentine’s Day’ truth or dare social. Maria had met this girl Christina earlier (who’s from New Orleans) so she went with us. About five minutes in we decided that it was boring and we were hungry, so we got pizza at Little Richard’s and then got some beer at the liquor store before returning to the social. By then the truth or dare part was over and everyone was just socializing. I met a number of people: Axel who’s going to RMIT for Media Communications and is from Australia, Matt who’s from Boston and is also going to RMIT, Georgia who’s studying genetics and Charlotte who’s a dancer and are both going to UniMelb, and Chris who’s going to RMIT for Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. We all chit-chatted for a while and then called it a night around 9:30 since all most all of them had arrived today and were jet-lagged in some way or another. Maria, Charlotte, and Christina all leave for UniMelb international orientation week tomorrow, and Steph is due back the day after.

Vocabulary: Tater-tots=Potato-Jimmies or Potato-Gems

Sort of on a vocabulary note, Maria’s native language is Danish, and until now she has only spoken English in an academic environment, so this is her first time speaking English full time as a first language. She’s doing very well (I would have never known). But here are some small vocabulary differences and such. It’s also a different culture, so it should be interesting to see how two people from two different cultures fair in a third completely different culture.



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