Playing Tour Guide

I had quite a busy day today. It started with a visit from the exterminator (apparently they were going door to door checking to see if any cockroaches had taken up residence, eww). Then around 1:30 I decided that lunch sounded good, so I decided to see what I could find in the city. On my way out, I ran into Jack, so we headed over to Melbourne Central and got some food at the food court. I got tortellini in a mushroom bacon alfredo sauce, it was quite tasty.  Jack and I hung out and chatted for a while, did a little grocery shopping and then returned to the apartments. About that time Kevin texted me saying he was here and was wondering where he could get an adapter. So I did my best to give him the condensed version of what I’d figured out in my few weeks here as I showed him around the city. We then went to Schnitzel in the court yard mall, which was delicious, and also Kevin’s first meal in Australia. By then it was around 7 and Kevin was tired with jet lag so we headed back and parted ways. My roommate is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so that should be good.

Random side note: I’ve been eating my weight in grapes.

Vocabulary: this is an obvious one but friend=mate.


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