Squeaky Clean

Today was a lovely rest day. I slept in, watched some TV, cleaned (which took me all of half an hour, I guess I’m not as messy as I thought). Lately, I’ve been having a craving for fries, aka chips, so I went next door to Little Richards and got some. Craving satisfied. Discovered So You Think You Can Dance Australia, it may be my new addiction (and not just because there’s a contestant named Maddie who’s doing quite well). And I managed to do my laundry. It costs me $4 to wash and $3 to dry, which is unfathomable since I get free laundry at school back home. But I no longer had any clean clothes and I would like to keep the friends I’ve made. So I traded in my money for laundry coins and bit the bullet. When I took out my bag of coins I felt as though I was at Nickel City or Chuck E Cheese, but instead of the machines spitting out tickets to later redeem for prizes, they were so gracious as to spit out fresh, clean clothes. I’m now ready to take on the immediate vicinity for the foreseeable future. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are supposed to be quite warm and then there is a forecast of 70-ish degree weather for the next week and a half or so. My plan for tomorrow is to go out and find an inexpensive printer.


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