Lygon Street

Today Steph and I set out to find Lygon St. and we were successful. It’s known for all of it’s restaurants and some shopping. It’s also where the closest movie theater is. And incidentally, we found out that they are streaming a Shakespearian production on the first of march that stars Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki from Avengers) and Mark Gatiss (aka Mycroft in the BBC’s Sherlock), so of course Steph and I got tickets to see it. We also found a good bookstore and lots of restaurants we want to try in the future. Our adventure was short lived because not only was it blisteringly hot, but the winds were blowing at record strength. It was said to be the worst fire danger day in a number of years. We spent the afternoon in the student lounge (along with half the apartment complex, one guy had his pillow and was sleeping on the couch). We watched The World’s End, which I have to say was pretty good. I have yet to see the first two movies in the Cornetto Trilogy, but I’m more inclined to do so now. The weather was particularly weird today in the sense that it never cooled off last night (it was in the 90’s at least all night) the worst of it was over by about 2, so the rest of the afternoon and evening was quite enjoyable. It’s supposed to be quite nice tomorrow as well. My plan for tomorrow at the moment to do some hard core cleaning so that when my roommate arrives in a few days she’s not automatically put off. Steph leaves for Perth to visit a friend on Tuesday. Kevin (another student from my school who will be studying here) and my roommate arrive either Wednesday or Thursday. Then next week is orientation, then O-week and then classes start.

Vocabulary: Multi-grain/whole-wheat=Wholemeal, per year=per annum


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