State Library

Today Steph and I got a little bit of a later start. We did an errand or two and then had lunch, which was okay. We’ve somehow begun to eat our way through the city via burgers. This one wasn’t as good as others I’ve had, but it was alright. It was however in a classy food court we found under the snazzy mall we stumbled into. It’s so strange because in the US most everything is what it seems. You can spot the mall from a mile away. But here, the city is like a grid of cubes. And things are excavated into and morphed and manipulated to fit things into these cubes. So nothing is as it seems and every door leads to new realm of opportunity. We keep stumbling into these alcoves or doorways that open up into huge shopping complexes or lead to restaurants on top of buildings. It’s mind blowing. Anyway, after our little adventure for lunch, it was perfect timing for the free tour at the State Library that Matt (our tour guide from before) told us about. So we went, and it was really neat. The library is a functioning library, but their not a lending library, meaning that anyone can go in and use the books all they want, but they’re not allowed to check them out. There’s such history behind the library as well. It was one of the first public buildings in Melbourne, and it use to house the Museum and National Gallery (both of which now are equal to or larger in size as the Library). The upper levels that used to store the book collection are now used to house small exhibits that tell all about the history of Melbourne. At one point, it was too costly to keep the glass dome, so it was coppered over. Then in the renovations, they restored it to it’s original glass dome. Also, the codes have changed since the building was built (obviously), and all the railings and balconies were too short. To remedy this problem on the railings, they put up a piece of taller plexiglass behind them. But on the small balconies, there was nothing they could do, so there are bookshelves there housing books, but no one is allowed to access them. Not to fear, the books there are copies of books in the collection and some government books. They had Ned Kelly’s armor (who is said to be like Australia’s Robin Hood and was part of the Kelly Gang) on display. They also have a lot of photography and items that catalog the growth and development of the city, both physical and cultural. After the State Library, we stumbled into a huge mall across the street. We walked around the entire thing just to see what was there. Turns out we were in Melbourne Central on top of Melbourne Central Station. Once we figured that out, we remembered that there was a grocery store on the lowest level, so we picked up some groceries and then headed straight back to the apartments in the 100 degree heat. We’ve discovered that the hottest part of the days is not the 12-2 time slot like it is back home, but rather the 4-6ish time slot. It’s false hope because you start to think ‘It didn’t get that hot today since the worst of it must be over’, and then psych, it gets hotter. But Steph and I escaped the heat in the study room and spent the rest of our evening theorizing about a trip to Sydney over our spring break.

Vocabulary: Movie theater=Cinema, in school instead of grade they call it level or year, So they say level 12 or year 12, Schedule=Timetable, Finals=Exams


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