National Gallery

Today we went to the National Gallery of Victoria. It was quite large and packed full of art. My favorite exhibit was the Melbourne Now exhibit. It had a lot of diverse work mostly done by local artists. There were some very cool technical exhibits including neon tube lights that wrote out all of the basic formulas for life (like the equation for gravity). There was also an exhibit that the patrons got to partake in: when you entered the exhibit you were given a set of stickers to place anywhere on the wall you like, thus adding to the existing art. It was very cool, the whole ‘it’s constantly changing and everyone who goes through it is a part of it’ type of thing. But the best part of this endeavor was before we even got to the Gallery: the tram tried to eat me. When Steph and I got to the Gallery, I went to step off and the doors shut and wouldn’t let me off. The tram instantly started moving and whisked me away. Eventually it spit me out and I got to where I needed to be. But it was like one of those scenes in the movies where the doors shut with the one part of the couple on each side and they both just stare at each other with the ‘uh oh’ expression, and then when the train starts to move they reach for each other hoping it will help the situation, but it never does. And of course Steph and I couldn’t help but bust up laughing.

After the Museum, we went to Vodafone (one of the cellphone providers) to get Steph’s phone fixed up. Then we wandered around trying to find the milkshake place from yesterday, but no such luck (we are determined to find it eventually). We did however find a coffee place that had good iced coffee. Steph then got some sandals from Target that she’s been dreaming of, which turned out to be on sale (that girl has fantastic luck with sales). After that we headed back for some down time. I had dinner and watched American Idol. Later, a few of us went down to the pool room to play a game. Ollie and I teamed up against Jack and Steph. Ollie was nice enough to take pity on me and tell me what to do. I wasn’t horrible… but I could definitely use some practice. Then Zara, Sam, and Ollie surprised Steph with and early birthday cake (her birthday is tomorrow). Then we claimed a TV to watch Avengers (we ended up watching We’re the Millers last night).

The current plans for tomorrow are hanging out at the pool since it’s supposed to be disgustingly hot. This wonderful weather has been such a tease.

Vocabulary: A lot/tons/loads/a bunch/ect. = Heaps, Mom=Mum, there are some things like ‘reckon’ that they use that’s not really different but not that common. Also, they don’t what it means to “flat tire” someone (when you accidentally step on the back of someones shoe while walking behind them and it pops off their foot). I found that out the hard way. I flat tired someone and when I tried to apologize: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to flat tire you”, they looked at me like I was crazy.


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