Melbourne Museum

This morning we walked over to the Melbourne Museum. It was a  gorgeous day and a lovely walk. It was very close to where we went on our walking tour so it was cool to walk around and not feel like like the lost tourists we are. The museum building itself was beautiful. And the contents of the museum were so interesting. Steph and I sweet talked the ticket person into giving us the student price (free), but regardless, it was worth what we would have paid. It was divided up into four exhibits: Science and Life, Mind and Body, Melbourne Gallery, and the Aboriginal Culture Center. All of which were very entertaining. The museum was very interactive and super informative. I learned about Synesthesia today, which is a neurological phenomenon. There are various forms of it, but basically it’s when one sense provokes another sensory response. The example they had was of a man who when he heard music he could see different colors dependent on what instruments and notes were being played. Of which I thought would be so cool as an artist because you could paint what you hear (I’ve always wondered what it would look like). Like the women who have extra rods and cones in their eyes and can see more colors than the rest of us. But anyway, it was a great way to spend 4 or 5 hours.

We then walked back toward the city, and found that courtyard we were shown on our walking tour. Jackpot. We went exploring and it was about four different levels. The bottom most level of which was a Big W (their version of a Wal-Mart). All the rest of the levels were restaurants and shops. We spent about another half hour looking around trying to decide where to eat. We eventually decided on Grill’d. I got a lamb burger and I think it was the best burger I’ve had. Or at least the best lamb burger. It was delicious. Then we wandered around looking for some dessert, and found this place called Ellie’s that had milkshakes, and those were delicious as well. After that we took the tram back to the apartments. I took a nap and then did a little grocery shopping. The plan tonight is to watch Avengers. And figure out what were doing tomorrow.

I put up some more pictures as well (and I promise that they are actually there this time).


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