Super Bowl!

Today was the Super Bowl. On a monday. Which was weird. I met Steph’s roommate Zara, and her friends Samantha and Oliver, who it turns out are in the apartment next to me. They are all from Canada and just got back from traveling to New Zealand. And they’re all super nice (as those Canadians are). We all took the tram down to Federation Square where the Super Bowl was being live streamed. They had set up stands and such for the occasion. And there was a surprisingly large turn out. They provided some live entertainment and such, including a two-foot long hot dog eating contest. The disappointing part was that they weren’t allowed to show the commercials (thank god for YouTube). But it was still fun. And I actually watched and understood most of the game. After the game (we watched the last quarter back at the apartment) Steph and I got pizza at Little Richard’s down stairs and it was quite tasty. The reason we came back to the apartment was that it started raining. The day began at a hot, sticky, icky 9o-something degrees, and progressed to cool n’ breezy and then into rain. All in the course of a few hours. The weather here is mind boggling. Last night it was over 90 degrees at 11 o’clock at night. Not fun. The rest of the night wasn’t all that entertaining. Just hung out and started the task of putting up all my pictures. Steph came down at one point to keep me company, girl talk and what not. Nothing big planned for tomorrow. Steph, Zara, Sam and Ollie are all going to go scout out their school and do some paper work stuff, but I think were all gonna get dinner or something. I’ll post some Super Bowl pictures in the morning.

Vocabulary: Melbourne pronounced Mel-burn or Mel-bin, most commonly Mel-bin (mainly its Mel-burn with the Australian accent that makes it Mel-bin, but it sounds funny when Americans say Mel-bin, hence the Mel-burn. And most definitely not Mel-born). And any thing to do with parking cars or a parking lot is a Car Park.


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