The aquarium was awesome. There were so many colorful fish and interactive tanks. I thought that it was kind of like the Rainforest Cafe meets the Atlantis Fry’s Electronics. Not only were the tanks themed, but the halls and such leading you from place to place were themed and decorated and full of fun facts. They had a huge tank that was themed like a ship wreck with one of those huge tunnel tanks that you can walk through, and there were enormous fish and sharks and the biggest sting ray I have ever seen. There was also a massive crocodile. The tail alone was the size of a child, and not a small one. Their tanks were cool too because they had little domes in some of them that you could crawl into and sit under and feel like you’re in the tank. My favorite part of the whole aquarium by far was the penguins. They were so freaking adorable. And they had such personalities. Steph and I spent a good 20 minutes just narrating the penguins. We named them too. We also got to see them being fed, twice. They were fed squid in the water and then they were fed fish one by one. And it was amazing to see them being fed the fish because they were trained to hop up on a rock one at a time to receive their fish. It was great.

After the Aquarium, Steph and I rode the Circle City Tram, and discovered how to get to some places a little further outside the city. We then retraced our steps from yesterday and got sandwiches from one of the cafes in the Laneways. We sat and at them in the promenade and listened to the street performers as we ate. It was such a city moment. It was one of those moments that makes you pause and think and totally marvel at the wonders of life. It was great.

After lunch we did some shopping (Steph is a very successful bargain shopper, she got three pairs of flats for 17 bucks) and then took the tram back (we took it successfully this morning too). We watched another movie. This time it was Stay with Ryan Gosling and Ewan McGregor. It was not what I expected, one of those mess with your mind movies, but the cinematography was great.

Tomorrow is a rest day. It’s supposed to get over 100 degrees. And there are pictures from the past couple days as well.


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