Walking, Touring, Learning

The waking tour today was awesome. It was about 3 hours, and very thorough. There’s so much history here. And a lot of parallels with the US. Which makes sense because it’s part of the same world and timeline. Our tour guide, Matt, was great, and on top of it the weather was quite nice. Melbourne is such a great city. There’s so much culture and diveristy, it’s incredible. For instance, Street Art is a really popular–and embraced–thing here. There are these things called Laneways, which are kind of the back alleys of streets, but there are lots of little cafes and such that thrive there. These Laneways are where a lot of the Street Art occurs, which is different from graffiti (it’s illegal). There are businesses that have obtained permits to allow artists to use their walls as canvases. Matt showed us a number of these Laneways, and there were so many hidden parts of the city, like courtyards and such, that you would never know were there unless you accidentally stumbled down a sketchy alley and came out the other side in Oz.

After the tour we wandered around a few souvenir shops, of which I just wanted to throw all my money at, but I restrained myself. Then we ate lunch at Hungry Jacks. Steph and I wanted to try it and compare it to Burger King. I thought it was the same taste wise (Steph thought Burger King is better), but it was so much smaller than Burger King. We think that the reason everyone here is so fit is that they have to walk everywhere, that they actually have portion control, and that everything is so expensive. And to quote myself, “Their [soda] cans here are taller and thiner… Like their people.”

We successfully took the tram back. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as we were making it up to be. The trick will be to figure out which tram to get on, so that could still prove to be a bit of trouble, but I think we’ll figure it out. Then Steph and I watched Yes Man in the student lounge (I’d never scene it before, it was very entertaining) to help our feet recover. I ended the night with PB&J while watching American Idol. All in all, a good day. The plan for tomorrow is the Aquarium and maybe some shopping. It should be fun.

Vocabulary: Elevator=Lift, Jail=Gaol, Vacation=Holiday, University/College=Uni, Breakfast=Brekkie, (There are a few other minor ones that I keep forgetting to write down. But most of them in context don’t seem so weird or different. It’s similar to the regional differences in vocabulary that occurs in the US.)


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