The Great Ocean Road

Words won’t even begin to do today justice, but I will try. My morning started bright and early, so early in fact that when I went to the lobby to wait for Steph I surprised the maintenance guy, who asked me what I was doing up so early. After I had a nice little chat with him, Steph and I headed down the street to meet our tour bus. Our tour guide’s name was Sean, and he was super duper awesome. Steph and I were the first to be picked up so we got to sit up front with a great view. After we picked everyone else up, we were on our way. The Great Ocean Road is akin to our Pacific Coast Highway. Our first stop was about an hour outside of the city at a gorgeous light house. Coffee and cookies or biscuits, depending on where you’re from, were served. It was beautiful. There was the beach and the cliff side and a cute little cottage to accompany the light house. It was like something out of a story book or a movie. Then we headed down the coast and stopped at a few choice photo locales. All along the entire trip Sean was full of little anecdotes and trivia pertaining to the places we were going to or through. He made the trip so fun, and he made sure to get to know each and everyone of us and to help us to get to know each other. We met a guy name Gaupreet from Irvine. He was super nice, he works at Trader Joe’s (he has for 8 years and is going back to school to become and X-ray tech) and was out here for a nephew’s wedding, and decided to extend his ‘holiday’ as the locals call it. We also met a very nice girl named Mai, from Japan who had just finished being an Au Pair in Sydney for a few months and was exploring Melbourne for a week before she returned home to Japan. There were a number of other people on the bus ( a total of 21 people in our excursion), there were a few from England, a few from Taiwan and China, and the rest were from Germany. Sean joked that at any given time half of Germany was in Australia. At one point we pulled off the road into a small beach town, most of which was made up of campers and tents. During their summer season, its quite popular for the locals to reserve spots at the campgrounds for a few weeks and a bunch of families come out and meet up for their holidays every year. Our goal here was to find Koala Bears. And that we did, five of them. They are the cutest, most adorable little creatures I have ever seen. They spend most of their days (about 20 hours) sleeping and digesting the eucalyptus leaves that they ingest and the other four hours of their day they spend finding and ingesting the eucalyptus leaves. We stopped in Apollo Bay for lunch and had the most delicious pizza from a place called Ilkua Restaruant & Motel. After a coast side lunch, we piled back into the bus and continued on our way. We ended up at Mait’s Rest which is a rainforest reserve and took a hike. It was beautiful. We saw a number of trees, and what was cool about them was that when one of them falls and dies, more of them sprout and grow from the fallen trees. And because of that some of them end up with tunnels or caves in their trunks. There were also some of Australia’s oldest trees there which rival some of the Red Woods in California. We then headed up to the 12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge. Fun fact: There are now 7 of originally 8 of the 12 Apostles. They were formerly known as the Sow and the Piglets, but they were renamed for the tourists. And these Apostles are large stacks of limestone and sediment rock that were once part of the cliff side but have been eroded by the ocean to these stand alone pillars. They are also the second most photographed location in Australia, the first being Sydney’s Opera House and their bridge. Loch Ard Gorge was gorgeous. And our final stop was London Bridge, which was a rock formation that mimicked the London Bridge. Once again gorgeous. We did stop for dinner on the way back, and Sean recommended a noodle place that was delicious. It was such a great trip and I would whole heartedly recommend it to everyone. And we booked with, which I very much recommend and ask for Sean if you can. It was great. And there is so much more that I can possibly remember (I’ve tried to get most of it down before I pass out). I’ve decided that I need a GoPro implanted in my head or eyes or something so that I can just record things like this so that ya’ll can experience all the details that I have. Like the gigantic flies that were everywhere and would not leave anyone alone, and they kept hitching rides in the bus.  Or the enormity of these gorges and coves. It was so awesome, and gorgeous. Words and pictures just can’t do it justice. It was unreal. I couldn’t believe something so amazing just existed. And seeing as how it’s past midnight here and I’m surprised I haven’t fallen asleep at my key board (although the room is starting to go wonky) I’m going to have to keep you all in suspense and post the pictures in the morning. I have a few hundred to sift through, and maybe I’ll remember some more stories to tell ya’ll.


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