Australia Day!

Once again, it was a beautiful day. Australia Day is a celebration of their heritage and their pride of being Australian. There is said to be some controversy over the holiday because it’s when the Brits landed on the land and ‘invaded’. However, today it was all celebrations. I watched the opening ceremonies on the news. And then around lunch time, there was a BBQ in the courtyard. There was vegemite, and yes, I tried it. It actually wasn’t awful, just really salty. But we had the Australians, put it on for us, and you really don’t need much. I also made a friend! Her name is Stephanie and she’s from Jersey (us Americans like to stick together). And a guy named Issam (I’m not entirely sure if that how his name is spelled…) who was from Sri Lanka, but moved to Melbourne a number of years ago. We chatted for a while and then went out to explore. I found some new places. Then we came back and Stephanie showed me the study lounge (there’s air conditioning! or at least some sort of voodoo magic keeping it cold). After we cooled off, we decided to go get some dinner, which was harder than expected because everything closed early for the holiday. But have no fear, we found a place: The Equinox Bar. It was delicious. I had a burger and chips (aka steak fries). I also learned that you’re not supposed to tip. At all. And we asked the waitress about it and she said, “Oh yeah, that’s only in America.” Good to know. Also, the drinking age here is 18. We weren’t even carded, which was kind of weird and cool (Steph kept saying it was weird because she’s 20). After we got back, I put on some comfy clothes and settled in to watch An Officer and a Gentleman (it was being aired on local TV, how could I not watch). All in all, it was a great day (plus I got to take some of the BBQ home for lunch/dinner tomorrow. Who doesn’t like free food?).

Also, I forgot to mention. They have these brightly colored pianos all around the city that are just there for anyone to play, and I think that’s so awesome! There have been a few people playing them, and they’ve been really good. It’s just so cool!


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