Compare and Contrast 1.5

It sounds like a really bad riddle, but today I learned that the second floor is the first floor and that the first floor is the ground floor, meaning that it’s the ground floor, first floor, second floor, ect., instead of the first floor, second floor, third floor, ect. I also realized that just because I don’t plan on driving doesn’t mean that the reverse traffic patterns don’t affect me. When crossing the street, I have to remind myself to look the direction that I normally wouldn’t. I’ve found that it helps to look at which side of the road the cars are parked on to ascertain which direction they plan to run me down from. And then there’s the roundabouts which are a whole new ball game. We don’t have very many of those in the US, or the few that we do have (or that I know of) don’t involve pedestrian cross walks. And I never thought I would be on the pedestrian side of said cross walks. And I’m obviously not familiar with the traffic patterns because I wait for the do not walk sign to give me permission, while the locals just go on ahead. Maybe I’ll get to the point where I can join them without fearing for my life. Only time will tell.

Australia Day is the 26th. It’s their ‘4th of July’. I’m very interested to see how they celebrate and what kind of festivities arise. I’ll let you know what I find out.

On a more random note. I feel like a time traveler, but not like the cool Doctor Who time travel, more like the I feel like I’m just outside of the space-time continuum. With the 19 hour time difference, that means I’m 5 hours behind, but a day ahead…. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Also, for my stateside friends, if I text you at obscene hours, I don’t expect an immediate response, and I apologize in advance if I wake you up (the app can only do so much).

I feel like I should come up with some sort of sign off or something, but I don’t have any brilliant ideas…

Until we meet again. Or you know, when I get around to posting something and then when the stars align and ya’ll have a chance to read it and the cycle continues as long as we are all willing to. But that’s fairly long winded…

I guess I’ll have to settle for: Until next time. (I feel like I should have a cigar and dim lighting or something)

(Also it’s late, so just ignore me. And ignore the time stamp, it’s off by about 10 hours. And this is turning into the post that just won’t end.)


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