I Made It!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was without internet access, oh the horror!! But as you probably figured out, it’s all good now.

I guess I’ll start from the beginning: LAX is huge. I’ve never been to that airport before. It was a little overwhelming. But even so, it had the same familiarity that almost all airports possess, which was reassuring. The best part was on the way to my gate because these two security guards (who looked like mall cops) where riding down the hallway on segways, not really even pretending to being menacing security officials, but just chattin’ each other up. The entire moment was so stereotypical it was ridiculous. Anyway, we all went through the herding sheep ritual and boarded the plane. Then we proceeded to drive around the runways in the AirBus until we were finally cleared for take off (the second time). Once we were in the air, they fed us (it was’nt half bad, and you got a fair amount, but at the price of a ticket it would probably be an insult not to get it). Once everyone was full and sleepy they turned off the lights and everyone passed out for the better part of the flight. It reminded me of camp where everyone gets the same ‘well balanced’ meals and then it’s lights out until its time again for breakfast. Sure enough, when everyone woke up, it was breakfast time and then we were to to prepare to get booted off the plane, which of course everyone eagerly complied. (I’m not a huge fan of flying, but it wasn’t terrible)

Once I had all of my belongings (there was probably a little more than I needed but hey I’m a girl and pack rat, not the best combination), a very nice elderly gentleman from the shuttle service picked me up. He let me sit in the front of the car, which was a little disorienting because I was in the drivers seat, but there was no steering wheel. Most of you probably already know this, but they are totally backwards from the US. (even the water spins the other way down the drain) He showed me around the city and then dropped me off at my apartment.

My place is nice and it’s right on the Northern side of the city. Once I unpacked most of my things, I wandered out to find a grocery store. I found a Target a few blocks into the city. It’s a little different from the Targets we have in the US. Here its more like a Macy’s department store.  Then I wandered around the city and made my way back to my apartment with out getting lost! (that is quiet a feat for me) For those of you wondering, the city is basically San Francisco, but flatter. (I’ll post some pictures shortly)

My task today is to go out and get the groceries I neglected to get yesterday =P


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