The long awaited Australia Blog! Hopefully this will be everything ya’ll imagined and more. And since I’ve got all you’re expectations set at the top of a sky scraper, I’ll try not to disappoint and push you off the ledge. Just kidding! Kinda… Anyway, I leave tonight (the 19th) from LAX and I am expected to land around 10:30am on the 21st. It’s a 16 hour flight. And for those of you who tried to do the math: there’s a 19 hour time difference and I lose a day (don’t worry, I’ll find it on my way back in July!). But not to fear, I am equipped with my computer, my trusty iPod, snacks and my weight in books! Yay!

I’ll do my best to keep you all updated (and try not to bore you to death in the process!) Thanks for reading! Wish me luck, and off I go!!!


5 thoughts on “Ta-Da!

  1. Wow, hope you enjoy your stay in Aus. I love it here. I’m actually moving from Melbourne to a small country beach town in Queensland for two years so I’ll be seeing a bit more of the country. Look forward to reading your adventures.

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